You have three options for managing and deploying ClamXAV to the Macs on your network depending on the level of access your users/staff have, the number of seats you’re protecting, and any distribution methods you already employ:

Direct download with email licence

This is the easiest method of deployment, but it requires the endpoint user to have admin privileges to perform the installation and any subsequent updates to the application, as well as enabling Full Disk Access. Your users would simply follow the instructions in the QuickStart Guide to download and install ClamXAV. You would then send them an email containing a link to install the registration key.

Your users would then be free to configure the app, and any schedules, as they see fit.

Remote deployment via your existing MDM tools

If you’re using our management console, Xenia, you’ll be able to download a customised installer pkg pre-configured with your licence details, which you can simply upload to your MDM server. Further details are available in the Xenia documentation.

Alternatively, using our Remote Deployment Tool, you can manually generate an installer PKG file containing the latest version of ClamXAV, along with your licence information, and any pre-configured settings you would like your computers to have.

The basic outline is:

  1. Download and install ClamXAV onto a test computer.
  2. Install your licence details.
  3. Configure ClamXAV with your desired settings.
  4. Download and run the Remote Deployment Tool to generate an unsigned installer PKG.
  5. Deploy this newly created installer PKG, along with a Configuration Profile for Full Disk Access, using your existing MDM server.

Further details are available in the Remote Deployment Tool documentation.