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About us

ClamXAV is written and sold by Canimaan Software Ltd, an independent company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


The founder of Canimaan Software, Mark is a leading software engineer with a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science and French from the University of St Andrews. He started writing software for Macs in the late 1990s and, frustrated by existing anti-virus software options for Macs, began developing ClamXAV in 2004.


Hailing originally from Galway in Ireland, Niamh graduated from the University of Ulster with a BSc Honours degree in Biomedical Sciences. She now lives in Edinburgh and is a director of Canimaan Software, heading up our support and sales divisions. A compulsive list maker, she loves getting things done.


Carraig provides stress relief at critical moments and interrupts long bouts of intense programming with timely reminders to get up and get out into the fresh air.

I hope you'll love ClamXAV as much as we do – do let us know what you think, it's great to get your feedback and it helps us to keep improving the product!
Mark, ClamXAV, Edinburgh, Scotland