How ClamXAV Billing Works

How ClamXAV Billing Works

When you purchase a ClamXAV subscription, you agree to automatic renewal of the subscription, using the payment method you used during the order process. Don’t worry, we will send out a reminder email 10 days before the renewal takes place!

Even though we are able to automatically renew your subscription, we do not keep, or have access to, your payment information.

When you purchase ClamXAV, our reseller partner (FastSpring who handle all card payments) receive a special token which is unique to you and them, and which allows them (and only them) to charge your card again the following year on the condition that your card is still valid.

This means that FastSpring also does not store your card information after you initially provide it, and they do not have access to your payment information either.

It is important to note that we cannot take card details for payment over the phone or by email, nor can we input your card information if you send it to us by any other means. Our staff will NEVER ask for your credit card details. Furthermore, we do not recommend EVER giving your card (credit or debit) information out over email or phone to anyone.

Because we respect our customers’ privacy and have your best interests at heart, we recognise that your personal information (name, card numbers, etc) is best kept by you. This means that we ensure that any company we partner with (such as FastSpring) is reliable and secure enough to trust with your information. You may read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

If you ever have any questions about how our billing works, you can also contact us, and our friendly support staff will be more than happy to answer your questions!

ClamXAV is now comfortably settled in my applications folder and Genieo [adware] is eradicated from my hard disk as well. Thank you for all your help in cleaning up my computer.
David, Connecticut, USA