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Keeping your Mac safer than ever

11th July 2016

ClamXAV v2.9, is live and ready to download! This new release is easier to use, more versatile and even more powerful in its fight against malware. It also fully supports macOS 10.12 Sierra.

There are almost 50 new features or updates with this latest version. If you want, you can read the full list, but for now we’ll just tell you what we think the key improvements are…

1. There’s a significant improvement to ClamXAV’s ability to remove infections from your Mac. At Canimaan Software, our aim is to keep your machines as safe as possible – so this is key to all our developments.

2. We’ve made some changes to the appearance and menus to improve usability, aiming to make the system more intuitive. You’ll also find a new colour-coding feature, which makes it quick and easy to understand the severity of any infections on your Mac.

3. The software is much easier to install and we’ve done a bit of fine-tuning to ensure it’s working as quickly and reliably as possible.

4. Lastly, you can now quickly and easily quarantine or delete rogue emails and upload any suspicious files for us to inspect.

What’s the biggest difference you’ll see?

We’ve done a lot of work on usability – and we already know that users are finding this version much easier to navigate – but the improved ability to remove system infections and adware has to be the biggest impact. With version 2.9, ClamXAV will automatically scan your whole system for malware when it’s launched, enabling you to remove anything you don’t want on your Mac. The software works quietly in the background, monitoring your Mac and checking new files as they arrive. This update makes the software more powerful, meaning your computers are safer and more securely protected than ever – that’s what ClamXAV is all about.