ClamXav 2.8.4

ClamXav 2.8.4 - 11th August 2015
Available in English, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Taiwanese.

If you already have ClamXav 2.x installed, please click to launch ClamXav and update automatically or you can use the "Check for ClamXav updates" option in the ClamXav menu.

Latest Changes
  • Fixed issue where Really Scan dialog box shows up multiple times for same disk
  • Fixed issue where Sentry may scan inserted volumes even if told not to
  • Fixed excess memory usage issue with ClamXav and Sentry
  • Improved integration with Apple's Time Capsule
  • Tweaks to Danish, French and Czech localisation
  • Reduced the number of false positives reported in phishing emails
  • No longer opens the Infected Items window in ClamXav Sentry if clicking on a notification for updating virus defs
  • Improved handling of defs updates on OS X Server
  • Remove duplicate entries for Sentry in Login Items
  • Fixed issue with quarantine folder which prevented some files from being scanned
  • Fixed a rare situation where trashed files would jump straight back into quarantine
  • Fixed a rare issue where pressing the Quarantine button sometimes wouldn't work
  • Fixed issue where Scan log timestamp sometimes shows UK time rather than local time
  • Fixed issue where Sentry's icon looked like it was still watching even when user had stopped watching
  • Fixed issue where Sentry's display list of items being watched is sometimes blank
  • Fixed various registration issues

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Other Files

To uninstall ClamXav completely, please use the uninstaller on the disk image, or download and run this file:
ClamXav Uninstaller.pkg (requires OS X 10.6 or newer).