ClamXav 2

Available in English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Turkish.

If you previously downloaded ClamXav from the Mac App Store, please understand that it is no longer available in the App Store, so it's not possible to update automatically to the new ClamXav. Please drag your existing to the trash, and download from here using the links on the left.

Recent Changes
  • 28th November 2016
  • New engine install and uninstall mechanism
  • Engine installer now retains any user-defined local/private mirrors and proxy settings
  • Significantly improved ability to remove installed system infections
  • Improved scanning of disk images
  • Added the ability to quarantine/delete emails directly from within ClamXav (Apple only)
  • Improvements to registration key handling for volume licences
  • Improved speed and reliability of initial virus definition download
  • Better feedback during virus definitions update
  • Added the ability to cancel a definitions update in progress
  • New Colour-coded infection list helping you to know the severity of an infection as it relates to your Mac
  •      - blue: low concern (consider quarantining the file to avoid the risk of passing it onto others)
  •      - orange: medium concern (advise quarantine)
  •      - red: high concern (advise delete)
  •      - green: neutralised threat
  • Added startup hard disk and "All my Files" to default sidebar
  • Added 'delete file' to default toolbar
  • Added 'quarantine file' to default toolbar
  • Status area now displays the update date/time of the official ClamXav updates rather than ClamAV
  • Fixed issue preventing the Dock icon progress bar displaying properly
  • Fixed issue causing scheduled scans not to obey exclude file preferences
  • Reworked ClamXav Sentry menu to be more intuitive
  • Improvements to ClamXav Sentry running under multiple users
  • Sentry menu's About Box now shows ClamXav's version number
  • Auto-configured Sentry watch list as well as adding it as a login item if you haven't already done this
  • Fixed issue where user could choose both "quarantine" and "delete" for Sentry settings
  • Fixed issue where Sentry may relaunch prematurely during an application update or not relaunch at all after a ClamXav update
  • Fixed issue where Sentry may become unresponsive and stop scanning files
  • Fixed issue where Sentry might display multiple notifications for the same malware infection
  • Clicking virus definitions update notification (from Notification Center) opens the update log
  • Added ability to upload suspicious files for inspection - you will be asked for permission before uploading anything
  • New expert pref to disable offering to submit suspicious files
  •      defaults write "Offer to Submit Suspicious Files" -boolean false
  • New expert pref to disable Sentry menu item animation
  •      defaults write "Animate Sentry Menubar Item" -boolean false
  • Security improvements
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Changed frequency of update checks to every 3 days instead of weekly
  • Updated scanning engine to 0.99.2

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Other Files

To uninstall ClamXav completely, just drag to the trash and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the removal. Alternatively, to remove an older version of ClamXav, download and run this file:
ClamXav Uninstaller.pkg (requires OS X 10.6.8 or newer).