ClamXav 2.7.5

ClamXav 2.7.5 with ClamAV 0.98.6 backend - 2nd March 2015
Available in English, Czech, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

If you already have ClamXav 2.x installed, please click to launch ClamXav and update automatically or you can use the "Check for ClamXav updates" option in the ClamXav menu.

If you choose to download the disk image, the SHA1 checksum below can be used to check the authenticity of file you downloaded. To use it, open the Terminal (which is inside the Utilities folder), type
/usr/bin/openssl sha1
followed by a space and then drag into the terminal window the dmg file you downloaded, hit return and verify that the number returned to you is the same as the one here.

Note, this will only work if you do it on the exact file you download from this website.

sha1 for ClamXav_2.7.5.dmg is edf4e44a1b58bb01cda49e9c51766c4d26620400

*If you're on OS X 10.4 or 10.5, please see below for an older version of ClamXav which is compatible with your system.

Latest Changes
  • Updated Engine to 0.98.6
  • Can now stop Sentry from the ClamXav menu as well as starting it
  • Fixed crash in scheduler for OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8
  • Fixed issue with animated Dock icon using inordinate amounts of CPU usage
  • Scan log now shows the date/time correct for your own timezone
  • Fixed links from ClamXav to the online documentation
  • ClamXav Sentry specific updates
  • Fix for incorrect "Sentry not allowed to check for ClamXav updates"
  • - Properly honours the exclusion settings in ClamXav's preferences
  • - Properly honours the "scan email" settings in ClamXav's preferences
  • - Support for Fast User Switching (finally!)
  • - Scan log now shows the date/time correct for your own timezone
  • - Checks clamd periodically and restarts it if necessary
  • - Stops clamd on quit to fix slow shutdown issue on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • - Improved stability particularly on 10.6
  • - Fixed intermittent crash when user selects "Never Scan" in the large volume prompt
  • - Menu now animates regardless of how quickly the scan completes
  • - Stopped unimportant log messages from filling up system.log
  • - Expert preference setting to prevent Sentry controlling clamd if you already have your own clamd monitoring setup*
  • * If you enable this expert preference setting, ClamXav Sentry will NOT monitor clamd at all; it will assume clamd is always running. To enable it, run the following in Terminal:
  •      defaults write clamdControlledExternally -bool YES; killall cfprefsd
  • - Expert preference setting to cause Sentry to prompt for FUSE filesystems which report their size as 0MB
  •      defaults write PromptForZeroSizedVolumes -bool YES; killall cfprefsd
  • - Expert preference setting to disable prompts for /home and /net - only needed if you enable the expert pref for zero-sized volumes above.
  •      defaults write IgnoreSystemVolumes -bool YES; killall cfprefsd
  • - Expert preference setting to change the threshold at which Sentry will prompt to scan new disks. Default value is 100 MB.
  •      defaults write LargeVolumePromptSizeInMBs XX; killall cfprefsd
Older Versions

New versions of ClamXav have a minimum requirement of OS X 10.6, so if you're still using something older than 10.6, please select the correct version below:

For Mac OS X 10.5, download version 2.5.1
For Mac OS X 10.4, download version 2.2.1

You should keep checking for virus definitions as you will still receive updates for these for the time being.