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What’s new in ClamXAV v2.10?

29th September 2016

Here at ClamXav HQ we are always improving and developing our Mac antivirus software. So we’re pleased to announce that the latest version, ClamXav 2.10, is now available. We’ve made tweaks to the usability and performance of the software, to keep your Mac safe and protected.

What’s new with this latest version?

Thank you for asking. Firstly, this latest version has improved support for Apple’s newest operating system (macOS 10.12 Sierra) and secondly we’ve sorted out that incompatibility niggle with DiskWarrior. Those are two big changes. We also carried out a whole range of other upgrades including faster engine installation and improved speed of virus definition updates. You can review every technical update in our Version History… but it’s not essential reading!

Why is this new version number 2.10?

The eagle eyed among you will notice that the last version we released was v2.9. So you might ask why our latest release isn’t version 3. Well, if you’re not a software techie you might not realise that despite their appearance, software numbers aren’t actually decimals. In fact they’re just a series of numbers or letters. So version 3 doesn’t automatically follow version 2.9. Think about the current version of your Mac operating software – that’s version 10.12! So that’s why the new version is 2.10.

What’s next?

As you may have realised, improvement is at the heart of our business here at Canimaan Software. Our aim is to keep your Mac safe from viruses, as well as being easy and efficient to use. We use the files you submit to us and the viruses we detect to continually improve the software – so it’s never long until the next update is ready to download. But you’ll have to wait to see what version number comes next…

If you aren’t using our powerful and trusted antivirus software yet, you can find out more and download a 30-day free trial from the downloads page – we don’t even ask for payment/card details up-front!