Error 250, will not update virus definitions

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Error 250, will not update virus definitions

Postby chromes » Thu 01 Nov 2018 11:33 pm

Today I tried to do an update on my definitions for ClanXav and for the first time, I got an error 250. I am using version 2.19.1/0.100.1 (3695)
I am getting pop ups asking me to update, but the new version does not support my OSX 10.6,8. So is this ERROR is related to my not updating to the new version I think someone owes me an apology. If this is another matter then I would like some help please. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Error 250, will not update virus definitions

Postby alvarnell » Fri 02 Nov 2018 12:10 am

First of all, this forum is only for unofficial user to user discussions.

That being said, Canimaan Software no longer supports ClamXAV 2 without an active subscription to ClamXAV. I believe error 250 is an indication that you are no longer eligible to receive virus definition updates. You can continue to use ClamXAV 2.19 forever with the 31 Oct 2018 database and no support or you can upgrade to a v3 subscription which can be used with v2.19 to get definition updates and support for the term of the subscription just as you have been through last month. See "Why am I seeing ClamXAV subscription is required for database updates when I check for virus definition updates?" at the top of ClamXAV FAQs for an official explanation.

You may use the following link to receive any upgrade discount you are eligible for as a former contributor/purchaser: Upgrade to ClamXAV 3.

Once you have upgraded if the problem persists you should contact the ClamXAV Help Desk and open a ticket.
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